KDP SELECT is an Amazon Kindle opportunity that allows you to put your book into the Amazon Prime lending program and receive a percentage of lending income from a fixed monthly pot.

It also allows authors 5 days in a 3-month period where you can price the book for free. You’ll attract new readers and your rankings can jump dramatically.

KDP Select Free Day(s) Checklist:

Maximize the use of your Free Kindle days and promote them as much as possible. Here’s what has worked well for other authors:

1. Schedule your Free Kindles for a Wednesday and Thursday to capitalize on the exposure and boost your sales ranking in time for the biggest sales days of the week, which are Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

2. Publicize your Free Kindle day(s) on your blog and website and in your emails or your email newsletter.

3. Send requests to other websites and social networking sites that publish notices of Free Kindles (some want up to a month of advance notice).

•         Pixel of Ink

•         Kindle Boards  (under Book Bazaar)

•         Digital Book Today

•         WoMen’s Literary Café

4. On Facebook, post your Free Kindle notice on the day(s) of the giveaway on your wall, any groups that belong to your Fan Page and these free Kindle sites: Free Books for Kindle, All Things Kindle, Free Kindle Books and Tips, Free Ebook Deal, Ereader News Today

5. Post about your free book on your other social networking sites and Tweet often during the day. Use different hashtags: #freekindle  #freebook  #ReadThis  #Kindle  #Amazon  #authorshelpingauthors – Other authors will expose you to their follower list and vice versa.

5. Add a Goodreads event and send it to all of your Goodreads friends.

6. Add Kindle Freebie and Kindle Free tags to your book on Amazon page.

Pricing Before and After your Free Days

The day before your free promo, raise your price (to make it seem an exceptional value). Keep it at the higher price for a week or two after the promo to enjoy the higher royalties on the new wave of sales.

There are many factors that can affect the success of your Free Promo days. Please share your results with us.

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Happy Writing and Selling!

Roger Harris


  1. Thanks for letting me know the post is up. Checked this morning, but guess I was rushing it. I’ll be posting a link to this on my main blog.

    This is really useful, even though I did know about a few things you mentioned. I wouldn’t feel right about raising the price of a book just to make the free days look like more of a bargain. I’d rather just set the price a bit higher than I normally would, right at the start, and then lower it to my usual price for novels after the Select period is over. At that point I’d be publishing it on Smashwords at the lower price. anyway.

    • Pricing is an important marketing strategy. 99-cent Kindle books are often recommended for first-time authors who don’t have a following… this leads to sales, and even more word-of-mouth sales if your writing is good (after all, the most impt ingredient in selling your book). But unless you’re introducing a new book, with a few free promo days to get it noticed and get you on Amazon’s ranking radar, it’s good to play with your pricing and see where the buyer/reader perceives your book to be a good value.

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  3. This post went immediately into my reference file to be consulted the next time I do a promo day. I have done two already but without much of a strategy–this is so helpful. I’ll let you know how it works out this time.

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