About Indie Author Counsel

Feel left out in the cold of the current Kindle craze? Unsure how to turn your knowledge into a great self-help book? Have the gift of prose but need help with plot and organization of your new novel?

Enter Indie Author Counsel. We got together after griping about the books we were currently reading and reviewing by other Indie Authors.

What were our gripes about?

The fact that the content was usually great, but there were typos and obvious formatting mistakes that made the books a nightmare to page through. Plus, we wished the authors had checked with us before choosing the covers of their books (not eye-catching on the Amazon page), or publishing before setting up their author platforms.

The solution? We would bring our individual writing, editing, proofreading, designing and marketing strengths together into a cohesive whole to share what we and other writers have learned about Indie Publishing. We would blog with wit, humor and insight about the monsters hiding under the bed that terrorize Indie Authors and happily answer any questions and cover any topics that concern you.

If we didn’t have the resources needed, we would steer you in the right direction.
If you want personal creative writing advice or would like to know how you could profit from using our Editing or Marketing Services, email us at rrh38114@yahoo.com

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ROGER HARRIS, a journalist, business consultant and author of poems, short stories and fiction.

DIANE KOERNER, a journalist, marketing consultant, advertising and PR copywriter, and author of short stories, fiction and non-fiction.

BECCA CHOPRA, author of The Chakra Diaries, Chakra Secrets and Balance Your Life, fiction and self-help books, who has traversed the path of self-publishing and hopes to share the knowledge she has learned along the way.

One thought on “About Indie Author Counsel

  1. Becca wrote an incredible review for my first book, “A Soft Landing”. Since then I released one more inspirational book “Today Creates Tomorrow” – how destiny lies in your own hands (Jan 2015). I also just released my first Childrens book “Chippy the Pilot”. Since I was still deeply into the creative aspect of writing, all through 2014, I never succeeded in launching g any type of cohesive, successful social media, facebook, campaign. I really need help with marketing services all of that.

    Since Becca is a member of your team, I would love to talk with your group about helping me get my books noticed and talked about. We in the spiritual community are all basically saying the same things, but each of us has a unique perspective…and there are millions still living afraid and away from the peace – the light of love gifts.

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