R. R. Harris Author Page

Author photo RR Harris

R.R. Harris has been a resident of Hawaii since 2002. In addition to writing Carter Woods mystery novels, he is a book editor and free-lance environmental and travel journalist. When not enjoying Hawaii’s fabulous swimming and snorkeling spots, he is bicycling, playing music too loud, reading fiction and drama, gardening, watching college football, and traveling.

Harris is excited to announce the publication of his novella, Double Take, a travel mystery set on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Click here: http://amzn.to/1rpvj1X

Double Take, a mystery thriller set on the Big Island of Hawaii is loosely defined by a love triangle that devolves wickedly into a red-hot flow of despair, frustration and anger. “Breathtaking pictures of paradise are interwoven with scenes filled with murderous intention, a splash of romance, and a peek at the underbelly of local culture in this page-turning Big Island adventure from R.R. Harris. I’m already hungry for the sequel.”  ~ Big Island Weekly  

Tour the Big Island of Hawaii with photojournalist, Carter Woods, and his guide, the beautiful and exotic dolphin expert, Nai’a Mitchell. Carter’s photos create a whiplash of double takes as he helps Nai’a and her family solve the mystery of their missing war hero, who returned to the island only to meet malice and greed. A modern-day Sherlock Holmes, Carter Woods leaves us with only one unsolved mystery – will he stay with his new-found love or will he go on traveling the world alone?       

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